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The Boring Shit

  • Please only submit if you are the copyright holder. You will be required to sign a release form so if you submit on behalf of someone, they must sign it nonetheless.
  • We do not provide monetary compensation for each contributor nor do we compensate for photo shoots. We are unable to provide contributors with print copies to our deepest regrets, but at the moment we are print on demand.
  • High resolution tear sheets are sent out to each and every contributor upon request within 10 days of publication.

Now for some tips to help you get published with us:

Fashion Editorials
We prefer that you include multiple looks but it is not mandatory. The more looks you have however, the better your chances at publishing with us. Singular looks must have a strong narrative and be visually interesting.We don't work around trends so fashion editorials need not be seasonal.

Send previews of your artwork along with an extensive bio on yourself to with the subject 'Artist * your name*'
Be prepared to send high resolution scans or images of your artwork. Behind the scenes are welcome.

We conduct interviews and do artist profiles on creatives we find interesting.Send a link to your portfolio and some interesting facts about yourself to our email and we will get in touch.

We love behind the scenes videos of shoots we publish. Send a link to your behind the scenes video and we’ll be happy to publish it with your submission if you are accepted.