Originally from New Zealand, Celebrity hair and makeup artist Maddie North has worked in Los Angeles for the past few years, perfecting her skills. Making a name for herself she's opened up doors to such influential people as Lorde, Kate Nash, Lykke Li, Eve, Hozier, Of Monsters And Men, Broods, Big Boi, and The Naked And Famous. Her talents have graced the pages of Playboy, Schon, Lucys Mag, Darling Mag, and Contents Mag. Feroce takes a moment to get to know her in this exclusive interview:

What do you think makes a good makeup artist?

Makeup is really just one part of it! A lot of the job is being able to deal with people, different personalities, staying calm under time pressures etc. There’s a lot to it that people don't realize.

What's the most common mistake MUAs make?

Not being able to work in a team environment or having an ego!

What's the most valuable lesson you've learned so far?

Being on time hahaha it really is important in this industry, it shows you respect other people’s time too.

What's a product you can't live without?

I personally use boy brow every day by glossier, its my absolute fav!

What's been your favourite job so far?

I shot in Acapulco last year for playboy, it was so amazing and the crew was just fantastic :D

Your portfolio is just fantastic! Any advice to younger HMUAs starting out who want to get to the level you're at?

Test as much as you can, and assisting other artists you look up to. It might not be great pay but you really get so much hands on experience its just so so valuable.

ART: Elina Cheshuk

ART: Elina Cheshuk