Images: Stew Bryden
Words: Daina Renton
Bitchcraft: REEK Perfume


If you missed our last interview with REEK, then you can check out them Damn Rebel Bitches right here. In our previous post we discussed REEK’s core values and what they stand for with the release of their debut scent. Since then, Damn Rebel Witches has been brewing up a storm, quickly becoming the signature scent of witches and bitches all over the world. Remember, we aren’t paid to peddle this scent, we’re just fucking obsessed with it.

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A nuttier, fruitier take on DRB, Damn Rebel Witches oozes blood orange, hazelnuts, leaves, leather and more. ‘Witches is the darker sister of REEK’s first scent. The coven awaits.’ She might be darker but she definitely smells that little bit sweeter. A hypnotic scent, Reek states ‘DAMN REBEL WITCHES is inspired by sisterhood and commemorates those prosecuted for witchcraft throughout history and today. We are the daughters of the witches you didn’t burn and we stand together.’

So, stay tuned to learn more about how witches found themselves a part of the REEK brand.

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D: As a practising witch myself, it’s hard to find anything related to witches that isn’t inherently stereotypical, offensive or just plain tacky. What inspired you to create a fragrance based upon witches? Simple rhyming or do you believe there’s more to us than that?

Witches: Witches have long been prosecuted or the idea of witchcraft has been used to prosecute people. Something that plays a lot in female history and still goes on today especially in Africa and India. The word witch and the idea of witchcraft has so much history, mainly with healers but yet we have turned it round so that many have a negative attachment to the word. We wanted to use the word to celebrate modern witches who want to create a good atmosphere and community, something I see a lot in my own friends and admire. To start a discussion about those who currently suffer because of the bad connotations attached in many countries. And of course memorialise all the women who died or were pushed out of their communities because of it. It’s a huge subject to cover and we’ve only really just dipped our toes into the water. However expect more and more on the matter. Something smelly this way comes…

D: Are there any witches on your team? Do you know any who inspire the fragrance, or is this just something for all?

Witches: The team is tiny, but our team is also massive as we have so many people who support us and help us grow our ideas and brand. Before launching the scent I met up with a few friends who practise different types of witchcraft, some not even identifying with the word witch. This was madly interesting as the history is vast and the subcultures are too. We couldn’t find ways to include every person’s different idea of what being a witch entails and means, although we try and do that using our blog! However we wanted to make sure there was no one that could be offended by the way we wanted to portray it, at REEK we never want to exclude and so that was the main aim. It’s started off a real fascination at REEK HQ about the different histories and cultures using witchcraft and how that has grown and modernised. 

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D: Witchcraft in this day represents a feminine rebellion, though we simply cannot ignore the past trials and how it was used as an excuse to abuse, torture and kill millions of people. How are you making homage to the practice with this scent? What does being a witch mean to REEK?

Witches: Again there are so many different interpretations of witchcraft and what being a witch is. We try and celebrate all of the. By sharing stories of witches throughout history from as many cultures as possible, as well as stories of those who identify with that now. For our WITCHES campaign we use mainly imagery of hands and no faces, with women of a mix of ages and races, because our coven is open to all. 

"Being a witch, much like a bitch, is in the nose of the beholder. It can mean what you want it to mean and that’s fucking brilliant. We need more movements like that."

D: As you know a lot of traditional witchcraft and of course Wicca is based on nature, animals and the love of them. Is the scent entirely cruelty free?

Witches: Yes she is indeed. All our scents are cruelty free and don’t use any animal products. This is a really important cause to us and to our customers. The same with our tees and totes we try and only work with companies who can showcase a responsible and ethical supply chain. No humans, animals or bitches are hurt to create or photograph our products. From the scent in the bottle all the way to the packaging.

Witches Unite.

Witches Unite.

Dying to try it? So were we. Order a sample here.

"Cast a smell. Cast a spell. Don’t hide your magic."


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