Lady Gaga and Ziggy Stardust had a love child, and it was Ricky Rebel. He’s charted at Billboard twice, played the Cannes/Film Festival, SXSW and he’s back with “Life Is a Runway”, the new single from his latest solo album, “The New Alpha”, featuring RuPaul’s Drag Racer Vivacious. We had the privilege of sitting down with Ricky Rebel, to talk about his new track, its process, his favourite song and more.

Can you tell us about Life Is A Runway? The process of the track, your inspirations and what you hope to communicate with the track?

“Life Is a Runway” is an anthem for freedom of expression. I wrote this song starting with the lyrics and melody using the voice memo on my phone. I recorded the vocal over a beat and a bass line. I called Vivacious from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and asked her to record a vogue-style rap because I wanted that tough NY vibe in juxtaposition to the glamorous and sparkly synths in the original track. I wanted to communicate that in order to be “The New Alpha” you have to make every look your own, dress with purpose, and be fearless in your fashion because that confidence will spill into your daily life.

What is your favourite song, unconditionally?

My favorite song on my album “The New Alpha” is “Magic Carpet.” It’s a super funky track that gives me Prince vibes because it is hyper sexual. It crisscrosses Middle Eastern music with LGBT culture which is a naughty, rebellious thing to do. I am well aware that, in certain countries in the Middle East, being gay is a death sentence. I am proud to be an American where I can sing Middle Eastern music talking candidly about sex. That’s pure American freedom. Ultimately, the song is about liberation.

What are you bringing to the music industry that everyone needs right now?

Everyone needs to lighten up with this PC culture garbage. I cannot stand the mass insanity going on right now where everyone is offended by everything. We need a Rebel like me to shake things up. I am not afraid to upset people by speaking up and having an opinion if I happen to disagree with them.

Authentic artists are hard to come by these days. They act like dogs on a leash obeying trends and political correctness.

Your thoughts about gender and sexual identity right now?

I believe that there are three sexes - male, female, and Intersexed. Gender is a little more confusing. I believe that people can be born into the wrong body. My heart goes out to those people. I am not one of them. I am not a queer, transgender, gender fluid, or non-binary person. I am all male, all man, every day. Just because I wear makeup and “women’s” clothing occasionally does not change that. I love being a man.

Why did a producer once lock you in a room, read Bible scripture and tell you that you were going to hell?

He wanted to change “the gay thing” because he said that I would never make it in this industry if I were out and open about my sexuality. He locked me in a sound booth and had a “religious expert” come over and read Bible verses to me saying that “I should not love Jesus because Jesus doesn’t love people like me.” I have never been a religious person for that very reason. I do not need to go to church to be a kind person.

But the joke’s on him. I wrote a Billboard Top 40 smash called “Boys & Sometimes Girls” that boldly proclaims my sexual proclivities and performed it at The Cannes Film Festival in France. He’s still the same angry, dumb person. Next.

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