How do I submit?

Find us on Kavyar.com, or send submissions to submissions@ferocemagazine.com

Can you send me my tearsheets?

Yes. Please let us know which issue you were in and the name of the editorial. Tearsheets can take up to 14 days after the release of the issue to get out to everyone.

How do I order a print copy?

Go to www.ferocemagazine.com to see all of the issues listed in chronological order. Click the issue you are in. There will be a link that takes you to Magcloud to purchase. Please note that Magcloud fulfills print orders and we have no control over this so if you have questions about print copies you will have to email them. Magcloud does not send print copies to Russia and there’s nothing we can do about this.

Do you send out free print copies?

We can’t. We really wish we could, but we can’t. You can read Feroce for free online at ISSUU, or request a free digital copy of the entire publication. Just let us know which issue and we will send it over.

Can I have a pull letter?

We are not distributing pull letters for Feroce Magazine at this time.

Can I have a front cover?

At the deadline of each issue the editor selects who is going to be on the cover after considering all of the editorials that will be published that month. We do have sponsored covers which are $200 but if a submission just doesn’t align with our brand aesthetic, we will decline regardless.

Can I have an interview?

We offer PR services, and you can have an online interview with Feroce for $40. We limit sponsored posts to one per month however so you may be declined if the spot is already taken.

Do you take on interns?

No. We don’t allow anyone to work for free for us. Feroce currently has 3 members of staff and we have no vacancies open at this time.